High Quality Inbound Seller Leads

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Pick Your Deal Volume

Using our proven and verifiable formula, we know exactly what is required to get the number of deals you want each month. You pick that number, and we'll tell you exactly how much investment is needed to achieve it.

Pick Your Exclusive Geography

We provide exclusive geographies by only allowing one client per geographic area (usually a large metro city area). This allows you to exclusively own all inbound leads for that area and close deals with our motivated sellers before others even know they're considering a sale.

Set Your Monthly Investment

Based on your desired monthly goals, our system will advise you on the monthly investment required to meet those goals. For example, if you have an average closing rate of 5%, and you want to close 2 additional deals each month, you need 40 leads. The amount of your investment will depend on your goals, but we require a $5,000/month ad-spend investment to get started.
Pay Annually
Save $5,000
(We'll pay the setup fee)
Pay Monthly
Setup Fee Required


$5,000 Waived Initial Setup fee plus $3,000 Management Fee / Month $36,000 Management Fee / Year

  • Geo Exclusivity
  • Weekly KPI Reporting
  • Performance Dashboard
  • Custom Geofencing
  • CRM Integration
  • Instant Lead Notifications
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