"Our first lead from GeoFlip came in just days after we signed up. We jumped right on it and negotiated with the seller to get to a solid number. We closed the deal and turned around and sold the house within 4 hours for a $35k conversion! We had high expectations of GeoFlip after such a great start and they continue to meet them month after month."

Matt Chick


Building 7-figure Results By Delivering Consistent And Predictable Motivated Seller Leads Directly To Your CRM.

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GeoFlip’s clients benefit from the “100% Factor” – the Gold Standard in lead quality.

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What Our Clients Are Saying?

"GeoFlip continues to deliver results and prove its dedication to their client's success with a superior product."

~ Justin Colby, Arizona

"I'm always happy to get InvestorFuse members and other investors started with GeoFlip. In addition to providing the highest quality PPC leads, Greg and team's attention to detail and meeting structure are top of class in understanding how well their marketing and your sales team is performing. I know friends in my network are always in good hands and getting continually better returns on their marketing."

~ Carlos Zamora, Miami

“If you’re tired of doing outbound marketing and want inbound leads coming straight to you in real time, you need GEOFlip! Greg and his team have lead generation down to an absolute science, and it works! I got my first deal within two weeks using GEOFlip and made $34,000. And they continue to send me great leads consistently!”

~ Cheryl Bednar Jimenez, Florida